Interior Inspiration from Fictional Royalty

One of the many things ABC’s fantasy drama ‘Once Upon A Time’ has gotten oh-so right, is the set design for both the living and work space of Mayor Regina Mills/The Evil Queen. It is an odd thing to be jealous of a fictional character’s everyday environment, but looking at the dynamic visuals of the mayor’s office, it is easy to understand why. The series’ set decorator Mark Lane should definitely take a well-deserved bow.

The Mayor’s Office
The mayor's office
Photo credit: paintersplaceblog

The most elaborate and dazzling example must be the mayor’s office. Completely dominated by a black and white/cream concept, the space is both clean and incredibly detailed. From its forest-inspired wallpaper, to the use of classically-inspired Doric columns and frieze, the room exudes power and an attractive severity.

Fireplace Closeup
Photo credit: onceuponatimecanadadotcom
Regina’s Vault/Secret Room
Photo credit:

The use of mirrors in the secret room adjoining Regina’s vault only enhances the ornate space. The previous colour palette continues, but it is offset with the use of crystal and glass. Colour is limited to the green stems of the flowers and the decorative apple tree just visible in one of the mirrors. The use of the damask print dominates the room, allowing it to appear smaller and more personal, yet still making a strong statement.

Wall Closeup
Photo credit: afterellen


Living Room
22Photo credit: onceuponatime.wikia

The Mills’ house interior reflects a softer expression of similar taste. The use of black has diminished, allowing for a warmer atmosphere. The polished wood floors and dominant cream base are inviting in their simplicity. Note the lovely use of wall-lighting in the kitchen and foyer.


Conclusion: stunning. Seriously, who would not want to live and work in these spaces? If looking for inspiration one can surely find it here. Whether you take pleasure in the overall look or in the fine detail, these sets are exquisite. It comes as no surprise that they belong to a queen.

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